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So, this is me. Or at least, a good chunk of it. I guess the important stuff is that I’m mainly a pianist but have recently begun to branch into conducting, audiobook narrating, and acting. I also have extremely eclectic tastes in nearly everything: I am moved as easily (if differently) by the ego-obliterating transcendence of Bach's B-minor Mass as by the particular insouciant magic of a well-timed burrito fart. Authenticity in all its forms is welcome. [edges surreptitiously farther down the sofa]

Also—quietly in the background since forever—I have been a composer and writer, though I’ve never made my living at either of those. And, while I am not one of those people who assigns any kind of ultimate worth to the amount of money he can bring in, it bears mentioning that the piano has been my primary bread and butter so far.

The composer’s viewpoint has always been my primary one, and it’s actually how I approach all other music, and even all other disciplines: what is there in the material that makes it special and unique, and how can I bring my audiences into that feeling-space? 


This takes on whole different qualities in the narrating and acting worlds, as I’ve been finding out, and it’s that finding-out process that has always fascinated and enlivened me: how is one discipline like, and different from, another, and how can I use what I’ve learned in one to enrich my appreciation of—or performance in—another? Cross-pollination is my jam, as well as finding larger and larger wholenesses within which their constituent parts don’t lose their identities but enrich the entire tapestry. The world needs those songs.

You’ll find I’m pretty much an open book—some might call it “oversharing" (see opening paragraph), but those people are generally as fun as a box of flies—so feel free to peruse and ask questions, and thank you for your interest in my life and work. Or, if you happened upon my page randomly, consider it a happy surfing accident, which is also my band name.





February 11

Performance at La Maison Française in Washington, D.C. 

September 25

Violin and Piano recital with Jessica Tong, Hudson Chamber Music Series—including music of Schubert, Poulenc, Boulenger, and Strauss

February 27

Carmina Burana, version for two pianos and chorus with Baltimore Choral Arts

September 18

Violin and Piano recital with Jessica Tong, Holy Trinity Series, Akron, Ohio—including music of Schubert, Poulenc, Boulenger, and Strauss

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